I never saw you.

Your eyes were a mystery and your heart stood discreetly.

I never knew you.

We shared dreams and goals that we lived with other souls.

I never understood you.

You dissected my brain but always looked as if I bored you.

I never questioned you.

Why in every step of our lives, we turned a corner and found each other.

I never wondered why?

I craved you and took you like a sip of water in the middle of the night.

I never cared for you.

It was physical attraction..... if that.

I never loved you.

I tried to extract intimacy from you but it always felt flat.

I never hurt from you.

You were just enough to make dreary times feel alright.

I never regret you.

For I needed a seven and you were just that.

A reflection of me to show how much I’ve grown without having to look back.



What if?

What if?