As I walk home from work, I ran into an old friend.

Who I always questioned to myself if our timing was wrong.

As I come closer to hug and say hi to him,

The thought of his hands touching me, and caressing my body,

Ohhh how I want to feel him again inside me.


It's been so long I haven't seen him, that I decided to invite him to my home.

Crazy enough he agreed to come over,

Later that night...

I hear a knock on the door as I go to open,

I can see how excited he was to see me.  

It was a great night of conversations, and laughter.

It felt as if we still had the same connection when we dated few years back.


One thing led to another and he starts kissing my neck,

As he goes down to my breast,

slowly going down between my legs

making me moan,

Feeling and tasting all the wetness down between my legs.

He comes up again kissing me all over,

As he makes his way in me I continue to moan but louder,

I try to stop him

But he grabs my hands and lock it with his own hands making sure I can't stop him,

he keeps stroking inside me, as my heart starts racing faster, my breathing becomes heavy and my blood rushes up,

he made sure I came all over his penis.

As he finish, we both lay there in bed.


My connection with him it's un-explainable,

As I lay in bed next to him I ask myself, “what are his intentions now?”,  

“What went wrong with us?”,

“Why didn't I choose him and I chose someone else?”,

“Do I want him now?”, “Does he feel the same way?” All these questions running through my head


But before he leaves I will say good bye forever

because he is not good for me,

The man i want to love, I can not love because   

He is a taken man.

Your Gift

Your Gift

Morir Soñando

Morir Soñando