A Letter to the 2017 Me

Yayy!!! Happy 2018! We made it. Phew, that was a a close one, huh? Well now that you made it maybe there are a few things we need to do to start the year right. What about letting your old self know how good it feels from your future self. Manifestation at its finest. Here is a letter I wrote myself from the future to the past so I can keep happy in the present. A Letter to the 2017 Me.

Writing is a reminder of myself and everything I felt...

Morir Soñando welcomes everyone to use this platform to express themselves. To open up and speak to the world about their trials, tribulations, and happiness. Today we have Ashely Luna share one of her works with us. Here is "Writing is a reminder of myself and everything I felt..." and  Follow her at @AshthePoet_.


"What's the point in being with someone who destroys your peace. What's the point in being taken yet still alone." R.H. Sin Here is a poem about the toxicity of some relationships. 


There are some people that repeat a role in your life through each stage of growth. You might be deceived to believed that these people play a role in your future, but maybe they are just a way to look at your past. 

What if?

Down the line you reflect on all of your past loves. You know why some didn't work out.. but others.. maybe just one.. you never quiet understood why time and cupid didn't get it right. You think.. What if?

Morir Soñando

Family, friends, society... everyone has an opinion on what life should be like. We all work hard to meet these standards and this poem is about what the pressure feels like.