The Gift of One_Muse

The Gift of One_Muse

Muse by definition… in Greek and Roman mythology, refers to each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who presided over the arts and sciences. A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

For this case, let’s add to that definition pureness, white light, vibrant energy, trans-formative, empowering, loving, and oneness. I want to introduce you to a special Muse. Melissa Colon. On social handles known as One_Muse. Self described a modern-day Muse dedicated to the transformation and empowerment of everyday people.


I went to high school with Melissa and that is as far as the story goes. Why? Well, life happened, and our high school selves simply went on a different trajectory that spun us into whole new people. We are women now, who have lived lives apart and reconnected on an entirely new level that I wouldn’t even tie to who we were in high school. I am introducing you to a woman I never knew that I knew. She was always there but hadn’t shine as she shines today. I want you to meet Melissa Colon and give you the gift of One_Muse.

Yes, social media can be draining and taunting, but in between the infinite scrolls you can connect with a few gems. I don’t clearly remember the exact how but I am grateful that we were able to reconnect again through her Instagram platform. In reconnecting with Melissa I was introduced to One_Muse. A woman, a brand, a platform, and a movement geared to help others do the internal work required to step into purpose. Through this work One_Muse created Pep Talks the summer of 2017. Pep Talks was a weekly meet up of a group of people looking for time and support as they answer soul searching questions. We met at the park, explore weekly themes centered around healing, shared personal experiences, meditated, and bonded in the journey of self soul searching.


It was an experience I jumped into blindly but it opened up my eyes to how far I’ve come and the road ahead. I sat and listened to a few courageous souls willing to share their reflections and experiences. In some I saw the space I had grown out of. “Oh yeah I remember feeling like that!” In others I saw the space I have been praying for. “Oh my God I can’t wait to feel like that!” And in the middle of that I heard from strangers their appreciation of my presence and with so much love in the circle I stood in my light to acknowledge so much I wasn’t aware of. All thanks to One_Muse and Pep Talks. At the end I left with messages that I still hold close to me. As I write this I stare at one of them, “Things are always working for you <3.” And they sure are.

Pep Talks is only one of her platforms. This ever giving soul also provides life mapping and coaching services. I have sat with her one on one and spoke my heart out as to my worries and insecurities. I came out of it empowered and in understanding of my life’s path with her support always a text or call away. But I must point out she always knows when I need her the most and reaches out even before I get a chance. Not many of us have someone this powerful. Many of us are lost because of lack of guidance and support. Well One_ Muse is a gift to your journey and we want to make sure you know of her.

As part of this feature we want to give the gift of One_Muse and allow you to personally experience her platform and group work. On September 28th One_Muse will hold her Pep Talk on Feelings and Vulnerability and we are giving away one ticket. Write us a message via IG or Email by September 24th 8pm, and we will pick a random winner to be announced on September 25th noon. Event details are below.

We can’t wait to help you on your journey <3 

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