Oh! You are a Mom, Mom!

First day of school is a HUGE milestone, both for the child and the parent. But what about day 3, 4, 5 and so on. That is when the work really starts and life changes for any parent. This is my experience as my baby girl starts her educational journey.

Importance of Art Education

We have been lucky to connect with fellow blogger Neve Spice from We The Parents to speak on the importance of art education for our children. In Neve’s words and our sentiments: There's never been a more important time to communicate the importance of Arts Education. Scientific studies struggle to capture the subtle yet profound ways in which the Arts transform lives. And so, the impetus is on us - we who experience the positive impact first-hand - to share our story, and to shout about it even louder. Here is our Milf Livin’ approach to the importance of art and some ways to introduce them to your children.

Dating the Both of Us

We don't have to give you a list of reasons as to why dating is complicated. Those are easy to come up with. Now imagine factoring a third person into the equation, a kid on top of it all. As a single mother dating while raising a child can be a lot to deal with. Not only your own emotions and ttachements but that of your child's to. This is my take on dating with children. 

My Beautiful Scar

Sometimes your birth plan doesn’t go as planned. You have expectations and preferences but when it comes down to it your baby and your body might not go along with your perfect plan. It is important to know we can´t always go with what we want but go with what is best to bring a healthy baby into the world. As women we need to love every scar in our body, especially those created to bring life into this world. Here is my story.

Yaris Sanchez: Social Media & Confidence

Yaris Sanchez is an artist. From honoring our screens with her beauty, and now our minds with her blog, Never The Girl Next Door, she is a woman of many roles. One of her most precious role is being a mother to an amazing young woman. In her first blog post she writes about the internet and social media. We spoke to Yaris on how she addresses these topics as a parent. Here is Yaris Sanchez on Milf Livin' discussing social media and building confidence as a mother. The featured art was created by her daughter for this special post!

Wild Thing: Where is the Manual to this Child?

You are the definition of serenity. You embody calmness and you take everything cool as a cucumber. But here comes your kid who is sunshine in a thunderstorm. How do you learn to handle this little person who is learning to be themselves while you are learning to be a parent. Here is a story on how I learned to handle my rambunctious little girl through unconventional methods. 

Wonder Mommy

Motherhood is such an empowering experience. You always get S*** done regardless of anything. Be a bad ass while managing work and home life. 

Bonding: When nature fails nurture prevails.

Motherhood is a complicated journey that no one can tell you the exact outcome of. You don't know what your challenges will be when it comes to raising your child. It is all different for everyone. That being said, this story is not about how to be a mother. Instead it is about the taboo subject many don't speak openly about. Yet so many may know the feeling. 

Mom of one... Until further notice!

Family comes in many different sizes. You take the load that you can handle despite the pressures to have more children. Here is a little venting session for those that have their families down their throat about having more kids. 

The Human Cow

“Don’t cry over spilled milk. Unless it’s breastmilk, in which case, cry a lot.” —Unknown My take on breastfeeding and the emotions the others don't speak to you about.