What I look like
Telling you roses are red
Violets are...
“Hey beautiful”
“You beautiful”
“Stay beautiful you...”
You sunray for dull days
You fingerlicking, umm umm good.
I’d drink your bathwater
Just to have you on my tongue.

It’s like the day it turns 70 degrees
Our primal instincts kick in;
Its too hot for you to wear that anymore.
Because all winter
You put that gym membership to work
Not to be nice
To be fierce
To be a mobile edible arrangement
To feel sexy by your own terms
Not ours

Tell him your gorgeous
Your otherworldly
And anything else but typical
You ain’t nobody’s basic bitch
Nor hoe
Just because you didn’t say “hello”
Remind us we have mothers
And if we’re so anxious,
Desiring to crawl back into the womb we cried out of
Tell us to stop acting like
We didn’t come out of you.
That our hubris is not synonymous
with the pride between our thighs

Do not indulge with a blush
A smile or stroke of your hair
Even if you gotta say
“there’ll be no fucking over here”
Evoke the personification of respect
Remind us.

-Olavé Sebastien

The Only Window

The Only Window