The Only Window

The Only Window


In a hallway corridor

Juxtaposed to heaven & purgatory

Lies a tiny room w/ double wooden doors

A silhouette dances on window panes

Illuminating each individual blind,

Serenading the sun

To make each day purposeful.

Seeking to be inside

For the subtle playful banter

For the aroma of her scent,

sealed away in this room

For her smile to glow

For her voice to carry me closer

A lonely sailor’s ship to sirens

Keeping me afloat to stay the course.

As waves cascade decks, tossing hopes to & fro

Drowning out the ambient ambiance

Our eyes would lock

Allowing our souls to momentarily question our truths

Soothsaying our blessings

Vulnerabilities esponge.

Doors unhinged

And the breeze from the whip of your hair calms the seas,

Alerting the senses that the day has begun

Leaving a desire to DVR life

Or at least this vortex in time where priorities hold no precedent.

And the omnipotence of love builds nations

All from your solacing sweetness, stored

In a room for only the sun to see


-Olavé  Sebastien.




You can purchase Olavé's book using the following link: Memoirs of a Hopeful Romantic



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