For the Good Guy

For the Good Guy

Shout out to the good guy,  

For he may be taken for granted,

trampled on and underestimated.

But his heart merely grows fonder.

He is appreciated by his true friends,  

Men and women alike

And sometimes that is all he needs

Even though it is not all he desires.  

He craves love,

The thought of love,

The touch of love,  

The state of love,

But he will never settle with the thought of questioned love.

He overcomes what he thinks is a loss time and time again.

He is aware that his time will indeed come to love and be loved.

The exciting part is that he doesn't know who,  when or where this will happen.

One thing is for sure, God always has his back.

One day,  he'll breathe into a woman and she will breathe into his lips.

Love will be created.

Love will flourish.  

It will be a win.

It will be a blessing.

It will be what was always written....


This is for the good guy."


Brandon N. Matthews

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