Too Nice

Too Nice

They say I'm too nice but it's just what I was taught.

Ironically though, it only leaves me in distraught.

See the good in people,  

that's what Jesus did,

but we all know that at first,

he lost that bid.

There comes a time when you gotta be selfish.

Seems like today you have to guard your heart,

because no one wants to play the part,

letting people in seems to stop the flourish,

everyone becomes discourage.

We all want love, it's the greatest feeling ever.

Today's crowd though, doesn't believe in forever.

One thing is for sure,

I know the feeling is real.  

I want to love you so much,

I wish you would accept that this is real.

Shoot your shot.

That's the new phrase.

But all it seems to do is put your mind in a maze.

One day, none of this will matter

Because we'll all be dead

But the only thing that matters today,

is that we're not left on read.

Love hard,

love a little.

Just make sure they don't belittle.

See the bigger picture of what can be.  

That's always been the motto,

but the moral of the story, me.


Brandon N. Matthews

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