Sundress season approaches and you are dying to pull that outfit that makes you feel beautiful. Yet on your way to work, school, or where ever your day takes you the unwarranted attention from some not so gentlemen might make you rethink about it. Don’t! Wear that dress and let these men know that respect is a must no matter how hot it is outside. Olavé Sebastien is back to encourage us to give them that side eye and feel confident in your strut.

The Only Window

Olavé Sebastien is back to grace our Spice Rack section with more poetry and great news! His new book Memoirs of a Hopeful Romantic is now available on both Amazon & Kindle for your to continue to enjoy more of his work. He has allowed us to share with you one of the pieces in his new book, here is The Only Window.

Pour Me A Dream

Olavé Sebastien is an educator who has a passionate outlook that he wants to share and explore with the world. He is a talented writer with aspirations to drop his first literary work of poetry really soon! He is gracing our Spice Rack Section this week with a beautiful piece called "Pour Me A Dream." 

Too Nice

Living in a society where the heart lives in the most guarded place, kindness is an act of weakness, and being nice is a negative connotation, sometimes we hurt even when we hold our self to the most highest. Opening up and being loving shouldn't be a negative experience that lets us down and forces us to change. This poem speaks in volume on how some of us get crucified for being too nice. By Brandon N. Matthews.

For the Good Guy

Morir Soñando speaks in high volumes the story of women and their experience in love. But then comes a soft gentle yet giant voice that changes the whole perspective of the story. For all the times we gave the bad guy the main role , here comes our hero, the Good Guy. 

Why Men Won’t Do Anything For Girls Like The Movies Depict.

From young we watch movies that depict relationships to an unrealistic standard. Then we grow up and watch these romantic comedies that as adults we forget to see the lines between life and fiction. Anthony checks us and reminds us that IT IS JUST A MOVIE and your relationship with your man takes a lot more work than that 102 minute movie lets you to believe. 

A Playlist to their Heart

We all have playlists for every mood that depicts how he handle our day. So instead of relying on a profile, or combing through your date's ig... ask them to share their Spotify and see what their music choice tells you! Lamell explains how you can get to know someone through music.