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IG, Facebook, and all other Depressants

I have been noticing a lot of people hopping off the social media bandwagon. A few friends have linked depression to spending too much time online. A recent study exposed how Facebook has been a catalyst to how companies use social media to trigger our moods so it is apparent that you find so many people online that "feel you!" Feel me? Social media might be getting you down, purposely, and here is how. 

Lower Your Standards

It seems like we are living up to so many standards that keeping track keeps us 2 seconds away from an anxiety attack. We set pressure on ourselves and then have the pressures that come from all aspects of lives like family, work, and society. All too much to keep up with. Here is how we encourage you to take a break, cut everything off, and finally live for you .. lower your standards and go back to the root of it all. What makes your soul happy?

Breast Cancer is My Pillar

According to, about 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. We all know how prevalent these issues are in our minority communities but did you know that is affecting more and more women in their 20s and 30s, despite the recommendation that you should check frequently after the age of 40! Well this is how one of our dear friend discover she had breast cancer at 26 and endure treatment while pregnant. Please read, share, and let's help increase the breast cancer survival rate! 

“Is 10PM, Do You Know Where Your Man Is?”

Communicating with your partner is top priority for the respect of a relationship. Ever dated someone that said, "We just "talking", but I don't want you "talking" to anyone else?" You should have your standards clearly laid out so that things don't get complicated. It seems that now a days one person is more committed than the other, and things get lost translation, not just between the both of you, but also with involuntary third parties. Unlike Facebook, I don't accept "It's complicated." Let's avoid drama and keep things clear.  

Making Fans out of our Friends.

Last month Drake stunned us all with his billboard speech. He addressed how we don't support each other's creative ventures just to look cool. Here is how Morir Soñando has experienced this and how we learned from it. A positive message on how to be a fan of your friends work. 

Millennials Dating the Old School Way

"This world has too many likes and not enough kisses," says the image above. Millennials have been brought up with out knowing what it is not to have the internet and social media. This is a take on how you need to step out the new norm and learn how to deal with relationships the old fashion way.