See It. Believe It. Be IT!

See It. Believe It. Be IT!

Do you have a vision of your future? Do you see yourself embodied your dreams and take part in that role you set for yourself? Either for New Years, birthdays, or different life milestones, we like to set goals for ourselves to show progress in our personal growth. We might just say them out loud or share with others, set a mental note, write it in our journal, or just go for it and take the steps to achieve these goals. But with life struggles, obstacles, and our own emotions we sometimes lose track or focus. 


Sometimes we need to take a further step to achieve these goals. To concentrate and really make things happen for us. We need to see the future ourselves. See it planned out as we want it to be. This is called to manifest or manifestation. You take an abstract idea like a goal or dream and put it into a vision. Some people write their manifestations down in a journal using exact details to describe where do they see themselves. For example praying and writing about a "tall, rich, dark, honest, loving man." Or if you ever read the book The Secret, and taken a blank check and written out an amount you see yourself attain. Others even use meditation to make a vision in their minds of a house they wish to have or that perfect job role. 

My favorite form of manifestation is a Vision Board. I started doing vision boards last year during New Years to set where I saw my year to go. I hung my vision board in my room and woke up to it each day. It kept me focused subconsciously and consciously as it was daily reminder of where I wanted to be and also because it felt like a prayer and an intention I set out. I said this is where I will be and so it will be. My favorite aspect of a vision board is to check in every few months and look at my progress. At the end of the year I also sat down and reviewed what percentage of my board I achieved. Why I didn't achieve some goals, and how my focused has changed through out my experiences. 

To start off I categorized my vision board into sections. There is goals for spiritual growth, relationship goals, travel goals, health goals, and financial goals. I like to use Pinterest to find the art work for my board in addition adding pictures of myself. You need to make yourself believe so you do anything that it takes to make you see yourself in the vision. For example last year potty training my daughter was a major goal. I cut a picture of her face and paste it on a image I found online of a girl on the potty. I also was obsessed with my hair. I wanted to focus on making it stronger and healthier so I put Traci Ellis Ross picture and my face over it. I means she is a hair goddess!

This year is a little bit of a twist. I did my vision board on New Year's Eve but now 4 months into the year and I am ready to make it more detailed and focused. I feel that my goals are even clearer and have evolved since January so I do plan on redoing my vision board soon and honing in on what matters to me the most now that the first quarter of the year has passed. 

I like to encourage all my friends and loved ones by doing vision board parties. A few of my friends even did it with their significant others. Some did one vision board for each and others did a collective vision board for their household. How ever or with who ever you decide to do your vision board I recommend the following:

1. Make a list of your goals so you make sure you put them all on the board. 

2. Create a nice positive atmosphere when creating your vision board. Be in a good head space. 

3. Personalize it. Make it you! Colorful, pictures, monochromatic, or even affirmations that speak you where you are in life. Make it say "THIS IS ME!"

4. Be specific. Tell the universe what you want and don't be afraid. Is not about how you get there is just about getting to where you want to be.

5. Put it up where you can see it daily. It should be a reminder to make sure each day you are working towards your goals. On some nights I sit with my board. I look at it and study it and ask myself what am I doing to get there. I pray and meditate to make sure I am where I need to be to attain my goals. 

6. And just because it is done don't mean it can't be edit. You are a work in progress and so is your board. 


Now go and see yourself where you want to be. Draw out your future and make it happen! 

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