The Curly Girl's Guide to Wash Day Meditation in Eight Not So Easy Steps

Wash day is the bane of my existence. When I remember the amount of time that I’m going to spend in the shower, every fiber in my being retaliates… especially when I start thinking about the knots in my hair. Thanks to a recent Loved by Destiny Instagram poll, I know I’m not alone! 54% of respondents said they would rather “shave it all off” than deal with the multi-layered process of taming their mane. I can empathize, but then I start thinking about the awkward mid-length phase and quickly change my mind.

By Destiny Denise Saldivar

My Grandmother's Vela

I am still in mourning. I am working through unexpected feelings and shock. But I believe that “from hard lessons you find purpose, and from purpose you create.” This is my journey back to healing and it isn’t the first. This time I will use my experience and let my words create a room where we can relate. I plan to write as I work through these feelings and get in touch with myself again so that I can #inspire. It is my favorite thing to humbly do. This is part of a Series in devotion to my grandmother, my roots, and my desire to expand culture and minds. This is a brief explanation of a vela/novena, a ritual done after one passes. One that I felt has help.

Shaping Our Future through Diversity in Entrepreneurship

Minority-owned businesses are a rising sector with a large societal impact that will change the future of many industries. In learning how impactful this is I decided to highlight a few business owners that I feel are making a positive changes in our communities. I have witness their growth on a first hand basis and value what they have done for themselves and others. In telling you a little bit about them I hope we can support and help them strive.

Living with Alzheimer’s

We built this blog to serve as an outlet and platform for expression that anyone can use. Sometimes as we go through our adulthood we experience things in our lives that we would never imagine yet they help us grow. This is the story of a young lady;s experience as she discovers her mother has Alzheimer’s. We appreciate her choice to share her story here and hope this helps someone else in their own experience. Submission by Marielys Mejia.

What Happened?

The blog has been on a hiatus. But through major personal break through we are back! Morir Soñando will continue to give you a story and a voice. It is here for those who don’t have the method or way to express what they need to get out. So get excited to see us back and share with you what has been going on. Here is what happened and what I learned from it.

Learning to Love Through Observation

Recently 9 of us took a trip to Greece which you can read about in our "The Juice' Section. Besides learning a new culture and land we were in for a whole other lesson.  We took the time to reflect the learnings some of us had being in the presence of couples in different stages of their relationships. Here is how it went…

Growing Up & Hip-Hop

I was a teenager in the 90’s and early 2000’s when Hip Hop was reaching its climax. It was the way we danced, spoke, and dressed. Hip Hop was a culture that I identified with because it made me feel more American and proud to be from the Boogie Down Bronx. Here is how my love affair for Hip Hop went. Written by: Jackie Marquina

April STD Awareness Month: Testing Postive

April is STD Awareness Month and in our communities it is important to understand how healthy sexual practices like testing and protection can help us avoid major life changing experiences. Testing Positive for any STD is not what we want but if it so happens there is a way to grow and learn from them and live your life healthier. Here are some facts and a personal account submitted to spread the word!

Leveling Up My Career

Work, work, work, work, work! Our drive and passion to make a living is really important. We should all find the balance between doing something you love and receiving adequate compensation for it. Sometimes we need to interview ourselves before you go on the next job hunt. Here is how I am leveling up my career.

IG, Facebook, and all other Depressants

I have been noticing a lot of people hopping off the social media bandwagon. A few friends have linked depression to spending too much time online. A recent study exposed how Facebook has been a catalyst to how companies use social media to trigger our moods so it is apparent that you find so many people online that "feel you!" Feel me? Social media might be getting you down, purposely, and here is how. 

Dating Apps or Dating Oops

The older we get the more we have on our plates so we opt out for the microwave option on everything in our lives, including dating. The modern shortcut to love, dating apps are an experience unlike no other with its own set of rules and etiquette. Still learning the ropes, here is my experience in the cyber world of dating. 

The Look - An Introspective Analysis on the Latino Experience in White America

Last week we went live with "The Divide I Represent," a submission from a reader in where she shares her experience in this racially charged and sensitive time. Her essay was received with a lot of feedback as she is not the only one that has had to feel confused and pressured into explaining what she "is." This week we are highlighting another experience of a reader as he reflects on how he is perceived racially in certain circumstances. 

The Divide I Represent

There has been an undeniable spark in racial topics that have brought to light a lot of issues that many of us don't even consider on our day to day. Not just a black and white issue any more we are even speaking about what it means to be a Latina. Labels like Afro Latina have come up and awareness of how different we look among our own nationalities is now something we are speaking about. I am not here for division based on my skin tone, I am Latina and I don't do LABELS. Here is a letter to my fellow Latinos that need to be reminded that we should not take part of these divisional lines. 

Lower Your Standards

It seems like we are living up to so many standards that keeping track keeps us 2 seconds away from an anxiety attack. We set pressure on ourselves and then have the pressures that come from all aspects of lives like family, work, and society. All too much to keep up with. Here is how we encourage you to take a break, cut everything off, and finally live for you .. lower your standards and go back to the root of it all. What makes your soul happy?

Wrapping Up 2017

I have been thinking how I want to end the year. In what mind state do I want to be when that ball drops? I am getting ready to embark a different Holiday experience as I want to use these next major Holidays to reflect on 2017 and set a tone for 2018. Read on how I am going to be grateful, giving, and renewed! 

PR We Are 1: The Movement to Build PR Back

On September 20th Category 4 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Over a month later and the island is still distraught, and only operating with 20% of its power back. Unfortunately, our current US administration is not moving fast enough to help these people in need. We want to bring awareness to this cause and show how an amazing local woman is making a change through her PR WE ARE 1 movement. Here is how to help PR and bring it back to it's beautiful state. 

Breast Cancer is My Pillar

According to, about 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. We all know how prevalent these issues are in our minority communities but did you know that is affecting more and more women in their 20s and 30s, despite the recommendation that you should check frequently after the age of 40! Well this is how one of our dear friend discover she had breast cancer at 26 and endure treatment while pregnant. Please read, share, and let's help increase the breast cancer survival rate! 

“Is 10PM, Do You Know Where Your Man Is?”

Communicating with your partner is top priority for the respect of a relationship. Ever dated someone that said, "We just "talking", but I don't want you "talking" to anyone else?" You should have your standards clearly laid out so that things don't get complicated. It seems that now a days one person is more committed than the other, and things get lost translation, not just between the both of you, but also with involuntary third parties. Unlike Facebook, I don't accept "It's complicated." Let's avoid drama and keep things clear.  

Leave My Bodega Alone

In recent news we read about a Bodega App to make things more convenient for city dwellers. This sparked a lot of social media responses on what this can mean to our neighborhoods and small business owners. In this post we have Manuel Lara explain to us what this means to him as his father has been a bodega owner for over 30 years. 

The Goal vs. The Journey

This is a reflection and reminder that sometimes we need to enjoy the days and not just the years. We need to not only look back but stop in the moment and appreciate the steps we take to get to where we need to be. This essay is to help you enjoy the present and the journey not just the goal.