Friends in my Head

Friends in my Head

I like to read and learn about a lot of different topics and be keen enough to hold conversation on many of my interests but I spend a lot of time at work so I can’t open a book at any given moment. In the office, more often than not you will see me with my rose gold Beats on and my eyebrows pinched into a very concentrated face. You first might think I am listening to some intense music, but not really. 85% of the time I am probably listening to one of the many podcasts I subscribed to.

A podcast is an audio file made available online typically as a series based on different topics from music, wellness, pop culture, and politics. Podcasts are getting more and more popular where there are now different apps and networks to promote them. I prefer Soundcloud, but you can listen to them on ITunes and online sites like Play.It. Podcasts have allowed me to stay current and listen to many of the topics I like and in addition add a tone of someone you might feel connected too or just find super funny and interesting. Most hosts become someone you can relate to or value their perspective. 

Complex compiled a list of the most popular podcasts of last year all in different ranges of topics. Check it out here:

As for me, here is my list:

1.      The Friend Zone (Wellness, Vibes, Spirituality, and reality TV…. Super Funny)

2.      Rich Friend: The Elevated Conversation (Music, culture, and lifestyle)

3.     The Brilliant Idiots (Politics, Pop Culture, and Charlemagne)

4.      The Read (Pop culture and Hip Hop)

5.      Bad & Bruja (Sex, Crystals, Vibes, Spirituality, Womanhood)

6.      The Joe Budden Podcasts (Pop Culture, Music)

7.      Ignorant Philosophy (Pop culture, Relationships and Social issues)

8.      The Black Girl Podcast (sisterhood, pop culture and their personal experiences)

9.       Drink Champs (Rap and Hip Hops Artist get Drunk with Nore and share stories) 




Beers in the Bronx

Beers in the Bronx