Scavengers of Art

Scavengers of Art


Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. (Oxford Dictionary)

It is expressed in many different forms from painting, music, and writing, among so many other mediums. Although not everyone may be aware, art is a major part of our lives, and it takes one to open up, and be receptive of it in order to see the significance it has in our lives. You can be walking down the street, and be exposed to so many different forms of art. It may be the lines and shapes an architect thought of to design a building, the music playing in someone’s car, and the murals along the sidewalks.

Art can be used just for entertainment, but many studies have shown the effects art has in therapy and in the development of individuals. According to Art,  “By expressing yourself through art, an art therapist can help you see things about yourself that you otherwise may not have comprehended.” “The arts don’t just develop a child’s creativity—the skills they learn because of them spill over into academic achievement. Especially for young kids, drawing, painting, and sculpting in art class help develop visual-spatial skills.”

In a society where so many heavy things plague our days it is a benefit to be able to create or be exposed to art. Today we have political, social, and natural disasters all on our plates to deal with among all of our personal issues. Looking back at history we see how art has been an important instrument in times of need. Dada artists advocated for silliness and nonsensical behaviour in daily life as the only response to the horrors of the First World War. Fluxus sought to "promote a revolutionary flood and tide in art, promote living art, anti-art" through its network of international artists. And groups like the Situationist International played a major role in the revolutionary Paris events of 1968 by exposing the divisions between artists, consumers, and the means of production.”

One major issue is that we are not all exposed to art and the benefits of it. Not all schools teach art, and unlike Trump’s latest tweet, art related events are not all over the news or social media. As supporters of the Arts we collaborated with Sounds of Art founder Leopold Vasquez to produce an event that would help our community get more access to the arts. Sounds of Art is a contemporary art lifestyle website created to bring awareness to art in many different forms all around us. “The purpose of Scavengers of Art is to inspire the disenfranchised to tap into a higher level of creativity using art, which they has been denied from them for far too long. “- Leopold

On October 22nd, 2016 Morir Soñando assisted Sounds of Art to hold this year’s first Scavenger of Art Game. In what seemed the most perfect day of the year, with beautiful weather and great energy, we met up with 6 participants on Dyckman street. These participants formed teams of 2 and were given a list of clues and supplies to set them on their way to find specific locations in Uptown New York. Each team was asked to perform art related tasks, document it through photos and videos, and share it through your social media channels. The team to get the highest score based on timing and execution of tasks won a variety of products and services related to the art and community.

This was our way to show others how art lives in our communities, and how it can be made therapeutic. We wanted everyone to have a great time, and enjoy the many local businesses that celebrate Uptown Art. Like Leopold explains, “It (Scavengers of Art) serves as a learning tool, educates the people about their community and their city. Scavengers of Art informs the people about art history in their community and their city. It creates an appreciation for the influence of art and creativity. Scavengers of Art engages the people to view art outside of its traditional confines (galleries and museums) and it inspires the people to be explore how creativity is applied to their lives. Encourages good health through the use of its physical activity. Promotes just all around home grown fun!”

Here is some footage and feed back from Sunday’s event.

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Team His and Hers Boot Camp: "This past Sunday my girlfriend Roely and I participated in Inwood's Scavengers of Art competition. I enjoyed everything about the contest including meeting new people as well as reconnecting with friends. I feel that the "hunt" had a wonderful mission to educate us about the art, hidden and visible, that uptown has to offer. The clues, the tasks and objectives all correlated with the one phrase that I'm sure everyone north of midtown can agree with, Save Uptown. Leopold did a great job with organizing the event and I look forward to participating in many more scavenger hunts!"






Team Bonilla: "Recap of my experience participating in scavengers of art was amazing!  A little bummed we didn't win but I actually had a lot of fun, learned a lot and excited for the next one to come, would be fun to participate but on the other side of things, back end just to see the process of how you guys came up with all of this clues. It was also interesting to see how much art is in my community but we actually don't pay much attention on a daily basis. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully we can all recap at the end of the activities, sharing and listening to everybody's experience for people from Inwood or the ones that barely come up here or do come up here but didn't know how dope inwood is. "




Team PMP Productions: "It was a great, positive, and I think it should be done more often. Cultivates urban culture and knowledge of existing art. I learned about some new spots uptown and met cool people that was awesome. Like art appreciation and preservation. Dope Stuff! "

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