Morir Soñando, the blog, is a website for those trying to make sense of it all. Your parents taught you one thing, modern society tells you something else, and then you have your own voice to listen to. Morir Soñando takes topics from all areas of our lives and speaks to how we juggle them... here is what you think you should do, here is what you are told to do.. and here is what you want to do!

Morir Soñando is actually a Dominican beverage made from milk, orange, and sugar. The recipe has different renditions where some use vanilla extract, nutmeg, or a dash of cinnamon, but however it is made, once you take a sip you will experience inviting, refreshing, good vibes. The actual term literally means To Die Dreaming in English which is our mantra to make it through our trials and tribulations.

Morir Soñando, the blog, is brought to you by five Dominican women in all different stages of life. This site is our act of Morir Soñando or To Die Dreaming. It is our recipe to serve you some great content through topics of lifestyle, culture, motherhood, and personal writings from our hearts and souls with the same inviting, refreshing, good vibes.

We put together this site but invite you to add to our recipe.

If you want to add content to the blog please reach out to us and become a contributor.